Good guns or great guns for survival and self-defence


by Clint Locklear

The survival mindset around the country is that any sane survivalist would own a gun and probably several guns. I agree, the world is not a safe place and it looks like it is only going to get more dangerous in the future. No matter how far you go into the survival rabbit hole, the world is changing and the world seems dead set on stripping our God given right to defend ourselves, family and have the right to be an independent individual. The world is moving on, as they say. Well, I say “they” can move anywhere “they” want to, but my freedom is in my own hands and I hope you feel the same way. Freemen bear arms, slaves turn their guns into plows.

Owing a gun can be for many reasons. Self-defense is one and hunting for food is another. I personally think every citizen should be required by law to own a gun as long as he or she is not a violent criminal. We have the right and we as a free people should never “turn them in” for the greater good. This right according to our founding fathers was giving to us by God, not government. So even if a group of liberal judges or politicians decide and vote to pass a law for Americans to turn in their guns, free men and women do not have to turn in their arms. The judges and politicians are not God and they only have power, IF WE GIVE IT TO THEM!

So if you are new to guns and may not know that much about them, you truly need to educate yourself about the different kinds of guns and what they are good at doing and where the individual guns fall short on a specific task. We are not going to go into all of these factors in the article, but each and everyone of us need to know the difference between GOOD GUNS AND GREAT GUNS! You must decide which you NEED and which guns and options you might WANT.

Some of the factors are based on price, then allowing the prepper to use funds in other needed areas for their survival plans. Guns and ammo can be very expensive. Sometimes this is warranted, some times they fall in to the “wish list” column.

A good gun is a gun that can perform the task at hand. It will load, is reliable, fires when needed and hits the target if proper ammo and technique is used. Good guns should be the backbone of the average survivalist. By average, I mean the survivalist that has an average budget and income. If a survivalist has a lot of money and can afford the best of the best, then by all means, buy the best firearms that can be found. Most survivalist do not fall into the unlimited budget group. This is not a class warfare statement, but a reality statement.  

Gun manufacturers are in business to make money and God bless them for that fact. They use advertisement with great effect, just like any other industry. They know how to get red blooded Americans to react and believe the advertisements that promote GREAT Guns. Modern gun producers are making firearms into an art form. The make cool looking guns that are capable of driving nails at 100 to 1,000 yards. AR-15′s have evolved into dependable, tack driving animals, but most of the GREAT black guns are very, very expensive. They are worth it, but supper quality cost’s a bunch. Guns people are like anything else in life. There are practical groups and then you have the “snobs”. Nether group is wrong or bad, but the snobs have a way of talking down everything that is not “the best of the best”. Sometimes the practical guys over simplify the needed quality needed to have a gun that can be depended on with one’s life. Your job as a true survivalist is to find a middle ground that allows you to buy guns that meet the task, you ask them to tackle. You also need to be realistic on the reality of the cost of GREAT GUNS and if you need to spend the extra money on them.

Every survivalist needs to have a self-defense gun, this could be a shotgun, handgun or rifle. We will cover the pluses and the minus of each firearm in different articles. The prices run from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for each type gun.

You can still buy single shot shotguns for $125.00. They are not sexy, but they fire every time, do not jam and are easy to learn and use. If you practice, you will be amazed at the rate of fire you can get from a single barrel shotgun, with a shell holder or bandoleer on the gun.. This is a good gun. You can also get side by side or over and under shotguns, they have two barrels. I have a South American over and under that has 18.5 barrels and is a 12 gauge. I bought it new for $350.00 dollars. It is reliable, has a quick back up shot and kicks like a very mad mule. I use it for protection on the Texas border when I work down there. It is not cheap, but for double barrel shotguns, it is cheap. You can spend $2,000.00 to $20,000.00 on a over and under shotgun. My shotgun is a good gun, but the $20,000.00 customs jobs are works of art and are great guns. Do I need to throw a $20,000.00 gun it the truck with me and beat the finish off it to make sure an illegal alien does not leave me in the desert, because he wants my truck? Most “personal defense” shotguns are pumps or semi-auto. They can give you a wall of lead to help you make your point to any threat. Some are reliable and some are not so much. The prices of the pumps and auto’s can run a wide range in prices also. Until, you get into the truly custom riot, police or military shotguns, there is not much difference than a hunting shotgun. Average priced shotguns are good to great guns in their on right. Some of the custom “self-defense” guns are worth every penny and more. They are thoroughbred race horses. On the other hand, just because a shotgun is coated in flat black, has a tricked out stock, extended mag tube or railing systems, does not mean they are nothing more than a hunting gun with a new paint and “cool” looking jewelry. With the “military” craze that has moved into shotguns, you have to do some real home work to see if you are buying a good or great gun, looks are not what puts buckshot down range. An example is a Mossberg 500, it is a very good pump shot gun for $300 -$350. A great race horse shotgun is one of the custom riot guns from Wilson Arms. These will start above a thousand dollars. What do you really need, a race horse or a good shotgun for you intended purposes.

We have a “Black Gun” bubble going on in the rifle industry. More and more gun manufacturers are jumping into the AR-platform style type guns. It gives the impression that the only self-defense rifle is the AR-15 or M-4. They are building some amazing machines that are dependable and accurate. You can get them in the standard 5.56/.223 or 6.8, .308, .7.62×39 and .204 firing platforms. You can get about everything on them except a water purifier. Don’t get me wrong, I like them and own them. These AR guns are running out of the good gun category and into the great gun category at light speeds. It still just a semi-automatic assault rifle, when you break them down. The price used to be around the $800-$1,200 range, but not any more. As the AR’s keep becoming state of art guns, the prices are getting beyond normal budgets. What makes these types of guns so popular is the cost of bulk ammo, rate of fire and the impression that they can make the difference in a ballistic debate. These are valid reasons for these to be such a popular weapon. The $10,000 question, is do you really need to spend the money on a tricked out AR rifle for personal defense. This will depend on what you think you will be defending yourself against. I was at a gun shop a few weeks back and started talking to an older man behind the counter. Turns out he was retired Special Forces and I was looking into a AK-47 pistol for a very specific reason. The more we talked, it became clear he was not fond of the AK’s or the AR-15′s for that matter. He liked true battle rifles (M-I Grand’s, M1A1′s or M-14′s) then he started talking up lever action rifles in 30-30 and 44 mag. He considered the battle rifles the best option for personal defense, these are great guns that are still the choice of most operational SF units in the middle east. These battle rifles are not cheap, but nothing like the new tricked out AR’s on the market. Then he started talking about how reliable a good lever action rifle is. They hold several rounds and malfunctions are very minimal. This retired SF gentlemen was and is right. He looked at a rifle as a tool and nothing else. To him advertising, popularity and the looks of a gun was not important. Reliability and energy down range was king, everything else is window dressing.

After all that, you may be thinking that I am not for black guns, nothing could be further from the truth. The point is for you to look at a rifle or pistol in a logical manner, not emotional. What is you budget, what can you really afford or need a rifle to do. I live in the mountains of Tennessee. That plays a part in my reasoning in a rifle choice. Were I live, you can not see 100-200 yards for the most part and with all the hills and ridges I would never see far enough to make a 500 to 1,000 yard shot. So why would I gear up for a 1,000 yard shot. 100 yard are less is more important to me. Now if I lived in South Dakota, that would be very different. I would lean toward a .308 or 300 WIN MAG not an AK-47. To be honest with you, if I lived in open country a .338 Lupa or 50 cal. Would be high on my list. I would want to take advantage of an open field of fire to keep the bad guys far, far away. Where I live now, long distance guns are not a priority.

You have to decide if you need a rifle with 30 rounds at your finger tips. What does the magazine’s and rounds cost? Are you worried about a gang of looters or a couple of dirt bag trying kick in your door. Try not to fall into the “Mad Max” mindset that has become so prevalent today. This doomsday concept is a very low percentage of reality in my opinion. Study all of the countries that collapsed in the last century to modern countries. Yes, people had to defend themselves, but no shoulder pad wearing biker gangs to be found.

On a budget, you can find 30-30 or 44 mag lever action rifles for $200 -$400 used. You can also find very good AK-47 rifles for $400 each. One often over looked quality “good” gun is the British 303. Their price is increasing, but plenty can be found for $300-$400. Do your research and become a gun guy or woman. It is up to you to know what will best meet your mission, the gun salesmen is just that a salesman. Good guns are not that expensive. Good guns can be trusted and good guns are good enough. Great guns are expensive, most of them are worth the price. If you have the wallet, then by all means, buy the best you can get your hands on.


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